Keeping Pets Safe from Bugs

Bugs such as fleas, mosquitos, and flies don’t just make life miserable to humans, but also can cause problems for pets as well. Fleas can easily multiply and become a real causer of misery to your pet if you don’t take proper care of them. To say nothing of all the other bugs out in the world!

But if you want to keep your pet’s skin free from those irritating red bumps and make sure that they remain healthy during bug season, then there are a few things you can do to provide good flea and tick control townsend.

Fleas are Everywhere

Fleas are the rabbits of the bug world, they breed often and they breed fast! They typically lay their eggs on the fur of whatever pet they land on, and then the eggs tend to roll off of the pet and onto the floor. Once some eggs get out of control it can be very hard to deal with them.

However, you can inspect your pet’s fur thoroughly whenever you take them outside. Make sure to brush their coat and knock away any debris, and you can also inspect their skin for flea and tick bites.

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Start Up Bath Time!

During flea and tick season, bathing your pet might be in order. They might not like it, and it might be a hassle, but it can really help. Be sure to use a shampoo that is designed to kill pests, and also be sure to wash your pet’s bedding and any other cloth items they might be using.

Watch them Closely

If your pets start itching or scratching despite your best efforts, then you might have an infestation level problem. Doing a deep clean of your house to remove the infestation can be a good weapon of last resort to keep your pets and family safe!